Introducing…The Ladyist

As you may have noticed (or not) I recently changed the name of this blog to The Ladyist and my Twitter handle to @theladyist as well.

What is UP with that?

I’ve been thinking about the conversations I like to enter, the topics I like to engage on and I realized the issues I connect to are not exactly about queer theory, even thought they often connect.

What I’m into is ladyism.

Yeah, I made that up. Apparently comedian Maria Bamford has used the term but I didn’t get it from her. I might have gotten it from notable Californian, My Friend Julia but I’m not sure about that either. But it’s a word I’ve been using and liking and I am really psyched about this new brand for myself and kind of grossed out that I just said I’m psyched about a new brand for myself.

What is ladyism?

Feminism is a movement/ideology that advocates and agitates for equal rights and opportunities for women.

Ladyism advocates and agitates for equal consideration and valuation of femininity.

It’s separate because not all women are feminine. And not all feminine identified people also identify as women. I would think those things are obvious but I realize they are not obvious to all people.

I also think a devaluation of femininity gets tied up in a lot of feminist and queer theory arguments and it’s hard to address that from inside those communities and conversations. I have tried and it didn’t exactly work. So this is also an attempt to step outside into a new mental space and pick that  apart and examine why that keeps happening. Or maybe to find places where it’s not happening and update my perceptions.

I’ll discuss the same stuff I’ve been discussing, princess problems  and notable achievements in girling and all that.  But I hope the conversation here will have a bit more of a center with this new concept at the fore.

I also hope this version of things will invite some new people into the conversation and into interaction with each other. Drag queens and preschool girls, old ladies and femmy boys, I want The Ladyist to be a place where they can all connect and discuss their favorite jewel. (Amethyst, right? It’s so purple!)

Whatever, I mean the point is I’m still into chicks.